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Proofreading Services

I will review your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, internal style, and continuity. This service is ideally undertaken in the final stages of your writing process and is no substitute for developmental editing (I can recommend some editors to you for that; I do not offer it myself).

I prefer files in .pdf format for markup purposes, but I will also work with .doc/.docx files.

Rate: $5.00/1,000 words. Minimum fee of $20. I accept payment via Paypal.

Everything above is guidelines, not hard rules. Show me your surprised wingflap.

About Me

My name is Jen Melchert. Please get in touch via email (jenphalian at gmail) or follow me on twitter (@jenphalian)

I divide my time between Jersey City, Minneapolis, and Boston. I am a student and freelancer, and although I love proofreading, it is a very small portion of my work. This means that, unless I am traveling, I can give you a very quick turnaround time!

The name of (and need for) this ratesheet was bestowed on me by a talented and handsome New York Times bestselling author who whimsically invented it in the acknowledgments page of a book releasing October 2014.